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Anyone ever been to the Cannes or Sundance film festivals? We haven’t but we sure as hell think it would be cool to go… saying that, wouldn’t it rad if there were a snowboard equivalent? Like an event where riders, directors, production companies, the industry and fans can get together, have a couple of drinks, sign or get a few autographs, slap each other on the back and get excited about snowboard movies? Well, turns out that someone out there has gone through that very same thought process and conceived the idea of The Reels: a snowboarding film festival in Annecy, France.

The festival is set to go down between the 21st and 23rd of September and will be showing movies from all of the big guns, such as your Standard’s, Absinthe’s, Burton’s and Isenseven’s as well as films from the smaller crews, i.e. your Think Thank’s, What We Want’s, Stonp’s and Givin’s. Alongside the movies will be a brand village, signing sessions, art exhibitions and of course the “golden reels" awards ceremony. The last event we had similar to this in the UK (as far as we know) was the Snow Film Festival in Brighton back in 2009 - these things are a blast!