British Snowboard Tour – Saturday 15th The sun was shinning and so was the local talent at the Animal British Snowboard Slopestyle Championships in Chatham on Saturday, with local riders, Cody Hierons and Callum Wilkin setting the high standard for the day. The Big Air Jam kick started the day’s competition and after throwing down a huge switch underfilp 720, Jamie Nicholls was crowned the men’s champ. Setting a new tour record for the youngest female winner EVER!, 10 year old Katie Ormerod nailed a big backside 360 off the big kicker to take the women’s title.

The sun continued to shine as the afternoon’s Animal British Slopestyle Championships got underway with the top nine male and top four female riders making it through to the two run final. In the women’s final, Samantha Rogers linked together a smooth and faultless run to take home first place and the women’s Animal British Slopestyle title. Her choice of tricks included a boardslide to frontside 360 over the big kicker, to frontside 180 and a noseslide over the bottom rainbow rail. Taking second place, Katie Omerod secured her spot as the “one to watch” with a big method and backside 360, with Vickie Pullin taking home third after a frontside 180 off of the big kicker. In the men’s final Jamie Nicholls stomped a technical run which included, a backside 720 stailfish – tagged the biggest jump of the day - followed by a floaty backside 180 and a switch boardslide, to 50-50 to frontside boardslide to fakie out over the 60ft battleship box rail, securing him the title. Local Chatham boys Cody Hierons and Callum Wilkin, rode well all day and so it was no surprise that they both took podium spots. Cody won second place after pulling off a backside 540 double grab, and text book switch boardslide to frontside to boardslide over the battleship box with Callum taking third after a fluid technical run.

Big Air Jam Results Men 1st – Jamie Nicholls – Bradford 2nd – Jack Shackelton – Newbury 3rd – Cody Hierons – Chatham Women 1st - Katie Ormerod – Bradford 2nd – Samantha Rogers – Reading 3rd – Becca Richardson – Middlesex

Animal Slopestyle Championship Results Men 1st – Jamie Nicholls – Bradford 2nd – Cody Hierons – Chatham 3rd – Callum Wilkin – Canterbury Women 1st – Samantha Rogers – Reading 2nd - Katie Ormerod – Bradford 3rd – Vickie Pullin - Tewkesbury