The Sheffield Ski Village fire may have claimed one of the UK's best-known dry slopes (for now), but there's still plenty of fun on plastic to be had this summer. The Strawberry Jam is a new event set to hit Chatham on 7th July.

Chatham has a fine tradition in epic drymat comps, but this one's set to trump them all. The sponsors list is formidable (Maverix, SCUK, SS20, Snow and Rock, MRKD, SP, Butta, Demon and Bawbags to name but a few), and the setup will be choice. There's even a brand new sprinkler system, so things should run smoothly even if it's a scorcher on the day.

For all the details head to the Strawberry Jam website - cleverphone users can scan the QR box on the poster to get straight to the Facebook page. See you there!