After it was reported that slopestyle will be contested at the 2014 Olympics, the internet was immediately awash with speculation, despair, hope, cynicism and more debate than we've seen on pretty much any issue in snowboarding. That one's bound to rage on for a while, so here's another bit of Olympic news to freshen things up: Pyeongchang has been selected as the host city for the 2018 Winter Olympics, beating Annecy and Munich.

This is perhaps bad news for any Brits looking to travel to the games, but a great result for the Pyeongchang delegation; this was their third consectutive attempt to bring the Winter Olympics to South Korea, having lost out to both Vancouver and Sochi (the latter by an agonising 4 second-round votes). This time they smashed it, earning 63 votes to Munich's 25 and Annecy's 7.

The jury may still be out on whether or not Olympic snowboarding is a good thing, but for any young groms with their eyes on a gold in future, at least you now know where you'll be fighting for it. Katie Ormerod, Jake Terry, Fin Bremner, Becky Menday - you guys up for it?