If you ask us, there's only one time of year where snowboarding and fancy dress mix - Halloween. Unfortunately, unless you're lucky enough to be on a glacier at that time of year, there's rarely a chance to try the combo out, unless you're in Dorset that is...

A few weeks ago Snowtrax put on another edition of their Air Attack competition series, complete with laser displays, snow makers, pumpkin carving and a huge array of prizes courtesy of Salomon.

As the comp was based in the South West, naturally 'Captain' Jack Labbett took home the victory, sailing the top mast over the kicker and walking the various metal planks spread over the dryslope, but Brad Rowell made a fair stab at the top spot with a double frontflip over the tabletop.

If you're nearby Christchurch next spring, we strongly urge you to get on over for the next Air Attack event, always a good time!