As if it took a whole bunch of medical researchers to work this one out. But to put it beyond all reasonable doubt, a team of boffins from the British Journal of Sports Medicine have concluded that the snowboardcross was the most hazardous event at the Vancouver olympics. Apparently 75% of female competitors sustained injury. This may be so, but it doesn't stop it from being fucking funny veiwing. It's also a great excuse to post this classic footage from the 2006 womens final, you know the one, Lyndsey Jacobellis' mad method and classic commentary from former Whitelines dude Ed Leigh......Dramaa....Frieden, Frieden!

Just found this beaut! It seems Lyndsey Jacobellis has form! I wonder if the British Journal of Sports Medicine got their research wrong, did they mean 75% of Lyndsey's races ended in injury.