Popularity for Aussie comedian David Thorne has been quietly growing thanks to his website, 27bslash6.com. Thorne uses e-mails to wind up everyone from bank clerks to teachers via rednecks, often with hilarious results.

Recently he got involved in a dispute with the owner of a Vermont snowboard shop, after he took revenge for poor customer service. The fake advert, pictured below, offered a free full setup with no strings attached. The store owner tracked him down, resulting in this exchange.

Even if you don't warm to Thorne's brand of deliberately irritating humour, you can't still back the store owner on this one. Not after he drops such classy lines as "I'm too busy making 40 grand a week from noobs like you to read your bullshit". It's gets even more ridiculous as the owner fails to grasp that Thorne, dropping words like 'snowboardsurfing', is pulling his leg.

Well worth reading the whole thing, especially for the classic punchline at the end.