Here's a pretty unique piece of news - The Riders Lounge (UK distributors of Capita, Union and Deeluxe) have given a sponsorship deal to 90's snowboarding pioneer Tarquin Robbins!

Considered one of the steeziest riders ever, Tarquin made quite a name for himself back in the day. He may not be as young as the rest of the team, but it's great to see some recognition for one of the fathers of modern snowboarding. According to TRL's James McKenzie-Brown, "Tarquin will have more of an ambassador's role - we won't ask him to compete just yet - although the veteran class should be scared!"

Tarquin will soon be seen repping his new brands at the Hemel Snow Centre. It's definitely worth heading down to shred with a legend - as you can see in this grainy old video, he's influenced everyone from Scotty Whitlake to J.P. Walker: