Big news from the boardercross world... Nate Holland has been beaten! After literally countless X Games gold medals, he was beaten into third place by Kevin Hill, with Omar Visintin coming in second. Holland would have come in dead last had it not been for a classic boardercross pile up a couple of corners from the end.

For the first time in X Games boardercross they were racing six deep, a format that greatly improves the lemming-like sport of thrashing down a jumps, bumps and burms alongside other goliath riders. We still don't quite get all the screaming and shouting that takes place at the end though... Check out the final heat above.

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Lindsey Jocobellis has been dominating women's boardercross for years now, so it was not surprise to see her name topping off the finish list once again, coming back from a poor hole shot that started her off in fourth. No celebratory method though... Dominique Maltais clocked second and Nelly Loccoz grabbed bronze.

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A new event that we're stoked to see at such a high profile contest: Keith Gabel won the first ever adaptive men's boardercross final. Like normal boardercross, but way gnarlier due to the fact that the competitors are already missing limbs, we hope this is one to stay for good. Carl Murphy and Alex Massie came in second and third respectively.

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You just witnessed the pinnacle of boardercross racing right here - Trevor Jacobs throwing a back 360 off the first jump in the 'consolation' race for those that lost out in the semis. Sir, we salute you.