Well, not really, but we're pretty damn sure a good way for ESPN to boost the Winter X Games viewing audience would be to apply the judging format from the Snowmobile Long Jump to all events; bigger is better.

After all, based on the advertising rights the core audience for Winter X obviously seem to like the, for want of a better phrase, less sophisticated pursuits in life: Jeeps, the Navy, Wonga.com... Forget complex and subjective judging systems like overall impression and snowboarding live score, bigger is obviously better!

We found this doozy of a video that seems to share our opinion on the matter, cutting Tommy Thompson (Mario), our favourite guy from Aspen, in with the highlights from the contest last weekend.

Would you like to see this new system implemented in time for the Olympics? Or should they just hold a separate event? They could even call it 'Long Air...'