As you might have guessed, the men's slopestyle finals here at X Games Tignes were frickin' heavy. Once again a triple cork fest was to unravel with Torstein Horgmo, Sebastien Toutant, Mark McMorris and Stale Sandbech all trying to stick a clean one in their runs. Rather uncharacteristically for X Games courses it was the second kicker that was giving riders the most airtime and was the focus for the biggest tricks.

Sebastien Toutant added another gold medal to his ever-expanding collection and stomped the cleanest and most tech run of the day by far. His backside triple cork 1440 looked as effortless as a backside 540 and that switch backside hardway 270 on? Summin' else... Try as he might to better Seb's run, Mark McMorris had to settle for second place - his third run score was only a single point behind Seb's.

Peetu Piiroinen, the Finn who always lands on his feet, was going characteristically huge and stomping his tricks waaay down the landings. We're always stoked to see him on the podium.

If you were wondering where top qualifier Torstein Horgmo is he was sitting at the top of the course with a bag of ice on his ankle after he sent it too hard on his second triple cork attempt.

Check the top three runs below and read our live blog for our full run by run synopsis:

1st: Sebastien Toutant

2nd: Mark McMorris

3rd: Peetu Piiroinen