Last night at the X Games Superpipe finals, Iouri Podladtchikov finally unveiled the trick that we'd heard he'd been working on - a cab double cork 1440. He stomped it on his last run right before eating shit on his final hit - what should have been a routine frontside double cork.

He's coined the trick the Yolo flip because, y'know, you only live once. What's next, the OMG flip?! It's a cheesefest of a name for sure but it's kinda catchy. We guess.

In true I-Pod style, he proceeded to launch his helmet into the crowd and if that wasn't enough, his snowboard followed shortly afterwards. Good job they're pretty lax on health and safety here in France...

Check out the trick above and give us your verdict in the comments below! You can also watch the top three runs from last night's finals right here.