You probably have to have a bit of a screw loose to want to compete in freestyle snowmobiling in the first place - it's not exactly the safest of sports. You definitely have to have a screw loose to want to do it at X Games when you've only ever spent four hours on a sled in your life.

Safe to say then, that Australian petrol-head Jackson Strong (what a name by the way!) is a complete nut-job. How he earned himself an invite to the X Games in the first place we'll never know - what were the organisers thinking?!

How close is he to getting 250kgs of sled to the face? Never mind the helmet and the body-armour he's wearing, surely nothing would protect you from that?

Check out the overhead cam in this X Games day four round-up to see how close his sled came to taking someone else out too. Thankfully, it didn't. And it appears Jackson lived up to his surname, surviving his epic bail with nothing damaged except his pride. Seriously though, what a tool.