So one of the big stories to emerge yesterday from Aspen - where the Winter X Games 2013 is being held - was from the women's halfpipe, where Elena Hight was throwing double corks in practise.

Well, this double cork - a double backside rodeo.

Hight has of course landed the double backside rodeo before, but it was never a given that she'd try and throw it in competition.

In fact, it's still not a given, she's not put it into a run yet and she was fairly coy about the whole thing in the official pre-games press conference.

But the fact that she's trying it in the pipe suggests she may be tempted to try and work it into her run come the finals. It certainly looks like she's been working on the trick - it's smoother than her previous effort.

And if she does? Well, the likes of Torah Bright, Kelly Clark and Gretchen Bleiler better watch their backs, especially with the Olympics just around the corner...