All photos by Mike Brindley

So the sun didn’t exactly turn up for the Whitelines Wipeout this year, but if you’ve seen any shots from the first few days at this year’s Spring Break (or the 2014 edition) you’ll know that we had comparatively balmy conditions for Wednesday’s event on Kaunertal Glacier.

Drawn in by the dulcet Welsh tones of Jason Rickwood on the mic - with the promise of a mid afternoon bathe, goodies generously supplied by Lib Tech, and a chance to win Whitelines’ own ‘Crash Bandicoot style’ first place trophy – a select crew of the UK’s best and boldest descended on the pond skim.

whitelines whipeout snowboard spring break mike brindley-12

As promised, points and prizes were awarded for going above and beyond the call of duty, with Marc ‘Gladis’ McClement leading the charge in terms of attire, Bawbags boxers, knee brace, helmet and sunnies – all a true Scot needs.

Not to be out-done by his fellow countryman however, Angus Leith also found himself amidst the fray, hiking the drop-in and clearing the obstacle with both forearms already bound in plaster cast from a recent street-spot incident. Only becoming a cause for concern when he took a tumble and it came to the tricky task of exiting the watery trench, still strapped in, with limited functioning limbs free to climb with…

whitelines whipeout snowboard spring break mike brindley-15

As sole representative of both the continent and her gender, German Martina Zollner did a sterling job. Taking extra time to retrieve lost sunglasses from the bottom of the dwindling water reserves left in the pool when she went in. A level of commitment matched by Whitelines’ own Andrew Duthie (seen here playing the AT-AT from Star Wars) who stepped up to challenges from the microphone with an admirable effort at a front 180 to switch ride (the rest of us were busy with cameras, alright…).

whitelines whipeout snowboard spring break mike brindley-20

With final offerings approaching, a late appearance from Sparrow Knox was more than welcome. Half hucking a front rodeo out of the water, before climbing three times as high as the rest of the contestants to “get warm" then hydroplaning across the water at full throttle, beer in hand, straight into the wall that had once been an exit ramp.

whitelines whipeout snowboard spring break mike brindley-13

But the two main players on the day when it came to pond skim trickery? Scouse lad Scotty Walsh and newly sponsored Gnu rider, “the most fashionable man in snowboarding", Joe Simpson. The former showing a hardy resolve and claiming best trick for a (nearly nailed) inverted five out to faceplant, and the latter pulling off a clean frontflip out of the pond, without losing his hat. Both walked away with fresh Lib Tech skate decks, wax, and a whole heap of goodies. Surely a day for the history books. Thanks to everyone involved!

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