It's almost time now for the final leg of one of this year's many 'world tours': the LA stop of Air + Style on Saturday 21st Feb, 2015. Somehow they've managed to conjure up enough snow out of drought-stricken Pasadena to build the necessary mega ramp that will set some of the best big air riders on course with the stratosphere.

You may of course recall that in the two previous legs this year Emil Ulsletten came out victorious in the triple cork festival that was Beijing, whilst fellow Nord Stale Sandbech took the top spot in Innsbruck, braving blizzard conditions to do so.

With the standings as they currently are, all Stale Sandbech has to do to win the overall tour title is to make it into the final round and finish in the top four. Anything less then that and Peetu Piiroinen has the next best chance of taking the overall, though he'd still need a win in LA to clinch it.

Our own Billy Morgan has quietly been doing well for himself throughout the series and is currently sitting in ninth place overall. Though it's unlikely he'll come away with a trophy, he could climb higher still up the rankings and will be well worth a watch on the night.

The timetable of events, in UK times, will be as follows:

Round 1, Group 1: 21.15-22.15

Round 1, Group 2: 23.00-00.00

Semi Finals: 02.30-03.30

Finals: 05.00-05.45