It wouldn't be the AK Extreme if the Helgasons weren't there now would it? Halldor, Eiki and their best-bud Gulli Gudmundsson have just put out their 'official' edit from the event and as much as the production quality of their films has increased over the years, that AKX drop in is still as sketchy as ever.

The AK Extreme drop in being built. Mellow eh?

Mix that beast with fireworks, flamethrowers and whatever paint thinner style schnapps they were all inevitably consuming during the contest and it's a wonder that no one's been killed yet. But it is Iceland after all; there's only so much extreme politeness you can put out before you develop the sudden urge to hurl yourself off of something like that.

Whatever, it looks like amazing fun, like the most hilarious car crash ever. A particular highlight is Gulli's one-footed back 180 to slam, as well as countless amazing backflips - this time sans the neck brace - from Captain Harold. Crazy Icelandics...