Fans of convoluted rail jam formats rejoice! Brethren Apparel and Snozone are bringing a duo of events to the indoor snowboarding table this summer: The Bro Down Throw Down. Specifically, they'll be at Milton Keynes on the 7th of August before moving to Castleford for a repeat event on the 28th.


After a panel of judges whittle the open jam field down to five spots, each of the finalists will be able to choose another homie who didn't quite make it through to 'bro down' with in a five-way team-battle, winner taking all.

Phew! Sounds chaotic, especially as it's the Brethren lot in charge of the cacophony, though that also almost certainly guarantees some serious good times. So, if you're need of a bit of a cool down over the summer and are down for taking part or just watching, make sure you get involved in these summertime sizzlers! Other than the normal cost of entry to the slope the events will be free, thanks in part to the help of a pretty healthy looking list of UK-based sponsors: For Boarders By Boarders, Parkshaper Blog, The Snowboard Shop, Butta and Bro!