Here it is, the official edit of the 2014 edition of the British Championships from Tignes, filmed by Jon Moy from Life Cinematic.

As you may have gathered, either from being there yourself or by following our coverage of the event online, it was a typically spring like week with as much sun and soft slush as you could wish for. Except during the slopestyle finals. Of course.

Cue smiles, goggle tans and an overdose of happy backflips, when you're surrounded by that many good people how can you not have a great time?

The whole event was overseen under the watchful eye and rambling tones of none other than Scott Penman aka Zippy in a Thug Rug; see what we mean?


Team Whitelines had a great time in Tignes and it's great to relive it all over again through such terrifically filmed highlights; in order of their inclusion in the video the overall winners were as follows (click the links for the full reports):

Men's Halfpipe - Lewis Courtier-Jones

Women's Halfpipe - Ayla Thidling

Men's Snowboard Cross - Kyle Wise

Women's Snowboard Cross - Georgina Rescigno

Men's Slopestyle - Jamie Trinder

Women's Slopestyle - Nathalie Silkstone

Banger's & Cash Rail Jam Overall - Jamie Trinder