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Maybe the picture that summed up slopestyle the best for us, it's all love at the top. Photo:Nick Atkins/Scene Images

The Olympics decision to finally include slopestyle looks like it paid off, no one can deny it was a success, especially for Britain as a quick sweep of today's mainstream media outlets will confirm.

But what did you - the Whitelines readers - think? In true BBC form we've collected a few of your choice comments from Facebook and have put them up here.

Let us know what you think about, erm, what you think?

[part title="The Semi-Finals"]

Snowboard slopestyle is introduced to the world and they love it! Even Clare Balding gives it a bit of love, though she still has a few comments on baggy trousers... Though some of readers hadn't quite grasped the 'street' aspect of sloestyle:


Billy Morgan kicked off Sochi 2014 with a mind-blowing run, only to put down the first Olympic triple in his second, AND THEN Jamie Nicholls stomed his first ever cab 1440. You were rightly impressed.


Aimee Fuller and Jenny Jones didn't put down runs that caught the public's imaginations in the semis, but just the fact that they were there was pretty impressive.


However, some people missed the focus of the event...


But anyway, at least they all got invited to meet Princess Anne:


Nothing gets the internet going quite like a controversial decision, luckily the men's semi finals was packed full of it, James Pittendreigh saw the future:


Whilst others had some interesting thoughts to share on the process:


But mostly, people seemed to be happy, thank god!


Or not...


And finally, we have no idea what this guy was on about...

Robbie Harding

[part title="The Men's Finals"]

The finals were unaguably amazing to watch, with Sage Kotsenburg eventually taking the win.


Some expressed themselves more eloquently than others:


But some were still a little off topic, nothing wrong with that though.


Though some people still weren't stoked on the judges:


So many people were hyped on how well Billy and Jamie had done, and rightly so!


Whilst Ben Doige summed our thoughts perfectly:


Gareth Jones deserves a mention too for his great spot on a picture of Jamie:


[part title="The Commentary"]

The commentary provided by Ed Leigh, Tim Warwood - and latterly Aimee Fuller - gave the whole internet plenty to talk about, but luckily on Whitelines it was mostly positive:


But there's no pleasing some people.


After trying our best to live blog the slopestyle we can 100% get behind the fact that commentary is damn hard!

[part title="The Women's Finals"]

Jenny Jones' bronze medal was undoubtedly the moment of the games so far that caught the attentions and keyboards of our Facebook 'fans,' one guy even made a Lego montage of the final!


Thanks @steelermatt12!

After Ed Leigh's live breakdown, tears were the theme of the day:


Again, the early morning start wasn't an issue for the true fans.


Ieuan Jehu made a great point, Jenny may have achieved more than just a medal leading up to these games


But Becky Gibson wins best comments for me, really keen on that vodka!