No snowboarding on today, instead we were treated to the 'Lympic opening ceremony, but with the men's slopestyle semis and finals looming tomorrow Billy Morgan and Jamie Nicholls were noticeably absent from the proceedings, but not from the internet. Billy here getting close and personal with one of the mascots, called Bely Mishka:

Screenshot (216)

Meanwhile, Jamie was getting his apres shred freeze on:

Screenshot (217)

But fully involved with the ceremony was Aimee Fuller, if you caught the live feed you definitely would have spotted that bonnet!

Makes your hair stand on end yeah?

Meanwhile the rest of the internet chat seemed to be focused on team uniforms, the Canadians rocking the mounties style:


The Team America walking around uniform, made by well-known snowboarding brand Ralph Lauren, has caused quite a stir recently. You can see it here on Jamie Anderson:


But Sage Kotsenburg put it best here when he explained his absence from the ceremony on Twitter:

Christy Prior meanwhile became our resident photo critic and editor's favourite rider in the games with this tweet: