Danny Davis wasn't the only rider to double up this weekend - Norwegian slopestyle queen Silje Norendal followed her 2014 X Games victory with another gold, thanks to a typically tech run.

With Jamie Anderson sitting pretty in first place, Silje had it all to do in her final run. However, while it wasn't much of a step up from the one she put down twelve months ago (both featured a frontside rodeo 7 into backside 5 into cab 7), the judges called it the best run of the day.

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Only minutes before the comp started, Jamie took a hard slam on her practice run. That cab-9-that-wasn't knocked her for six, but after a few tears she was back to her usual consistent self and pulling away from the rest of the field. Her run of layback wallride, backside lipslide, backside 5050, frontside 7, back 5 and cab 7 soon put her out in front.

Sitting in first with only Silje still to drop, she talked about rolling the dice once more with the cab 9 on her third run. However, it wasn't to be. Her second run score stood, which would have been enough had her Norwegian rival not pipped her right at the death. Ever gracious in defeat, Jamie congratulated Silje before - we assume - heading off to take a well-earned rest. Watch out next year though Ms. Norendal - she'll have that 900 locked down before long.

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It's hard to believe that this is Christy Prior's first X Games slopestyle contest - the Kiwi sensation's recent performances have been so confident that it feels like she's been around forever. Her rail game, which usually leaves her rivals in the dust, wasn't quite at its best, but still solid enough and set her up for the booter line. She duly put down a cab underflip, backside 7 and front 5 off the toes to make it on to the podium.

Christy's success must have been slightly disappointing for Spencer O'Brien, who landed the first backside 900 in X Games women's slopestyle history, but still couldn't battle her way onto the third step. Still, that's slopestyle for you - it's all about being solid from top to bottom, something that all three medallists certainly were this year.