Great news from north of the border - Snowsports Scotland have combined the indoor, dry slope and on-snow national competitions into one coherent series - the Scottish Park & Pipe Triple Crown.


The dates are as follows:

INDOOR: 10th September 2016, Snow Factor Braehead

DRYSLOPE: 12th November 2016, Bearsden

SNOW: 11th March 2017, Cairngorm Mountain

The series will use the British Snow Tour (BST) ranking system already in place, with the title of Scottish Champion awarded to whichever rider accumulates the most points from the three events. After the final leg at Cairngorm the champions will be awarded with medals, accolades, whisky, Prima Noctae rights and so on... Springtime comps in the Highlands are always good, so be sure to get this in your diary.

0R5J9360©Nick Law

It's not just about being able to throw down on real snow, however. Riders will need to master all three surfaces to have a chance of taking the title - and for those unfamiliar with the artificial stuff, it's trickier than it sounds. By the end of the winter we're fully expecting an army of unstoppable Scottish shredders to emerge, laying waste to all and sundry.

It's all kicking off later this month, so check back for a full report from the first event.