Sascha Hamm made history today, equaling the best ever British finish at the Verbier Xtreme, seen by most as the premiere stop on the Freeride World Tour, and in the process becoming the first ever Brit to podium overall on the tour.

Sascha Hamm railing a turn out earlier in the tour

He was the only snowboarder other than Xavier de le Rue himself to hit the fabled 'Hollywood Cliff' on the Bec de Rosses, going straight into another huge drop at classic Sascha Hamm mach 10; they really need to start building these mountains bigger for this guy next year so he has a chance to get a few more turns in.

The conditions were sub par on the day, with many riders calling out that the Bec was at 'low tide,' so Sascha's good friend James Stentiford probably still can claim his run in 2011 over today's, but we're pretty sure he'll be stoked for his buddy.

Emilien Badoux and Jamie Rizzuto were the main contenders for the overall title, but the Swiss rider clinched it in the end after Rizzuto took by far the mellowest line of the day down from the top.

Ralph Backstrom took the win on the day with this belter of a run below, but again we have to congratulate Sascha on a job, and season, well done!