Here's Sascha's run from earlier today and it was a doozy, beating out strong competition from none other than reigning champion Ralph Backstrom. Question is, if he'd stuck his run all the way to the bottom would he have landed a first?


In a day with some pretty good news for British park and pipe riders there was another excellent result, this time in the world of freeriding. Sascha Hamm, who we had a featured piece on last week came out of nowhere and managed an amazing second place at today's first stop of the Freeride World Tour in Courmayeur, Italy.

With the event originally being scheduled for last week being called off day on day due to poor visibility, Sascha and the rest of the tour crew got to spend the weekend hammering some pow laps in the trees before stepping up to the face this morning in perfect conditions. Not a bad life eh?

No rest for the wicked though, the next stop kicks off on Saturday, this time on the French side of Mont Blanc; Chamonix to be precise. Lets hope he can stack another good result there and hopefully inspire a new generation of British freeriders.

Sascha Hamm racking up some Freeride World Tour points this morning, pretty sure he was born in the 70s though...

The result was made all the more impressive by the official results sheet listing his age as 50; pretty sure he's not that ancient but anyway, well done Sascha! There will be an official event edit dropping later today so stay tuned.