One of the first major events to go down this season, The Mile High contest in Perisher took last year's creatively designed course and supercharged it, adding in more trannies than Southampton docks on a Friday night.

It's a great example of a course design that thinks outside of the 'three kickers, three rails' format, giving riders plenty of options to pick different lines, but no doubt gave the judges a headache choosing a winner.

Not that they had too much time to get confused - a greybird 30cm pow day put paid to the finals, meaning that Darcy Sharpe's qualification score were enough to net him the win, plus a cool $5000 AUS. Tyler Nicholson and Sven Thorgren took out second and third respectively, whilst local Jess Rich placed first in the womens' and won best style overall, Elena Koenz and Yuka Fujimori rounding out the girls' podium. The UK's own Katie Ormerod managed to bag a sixth place finish too!

Norwegian puberty wizard Marcus Kleveland grabbed the 'Most Creativity' award with his usual bag of spins, butters and flips all over the course and continues on his path of destiny towards total snowboarding world domination. You read it here.