In September we brought you the news the O'Neill will be hosting a world class jib event in the fairly unlikely location - the London borough of Hackney. The Shoreditch Showdown looks set to be a belter of an event. Just check out the set-up they've got.

With less than a month to go until the event, they've decided it was time to release their list of riders.

They have got the cream of the UK's snowboarding talent involved, with the list comprising:

Andy Nudds,

Jamie Nicholls,

Angus Leith,

Will Smith,

Ollie Dutton,

Jamie Trinder,

Lewis Courtier Jones,

Jonny Russell,

Gareth Andrews,

John Weatherley,

Ross Needham,

Sparrow Know,

Matt McCormick,

Sam Turnbull,

Calum Paton,

Matt Higson,

Simon Cudlip,

Will Gilmore,

Rowan Coultas,

Tom Guilmard.

The action takes place on November 21st and it's going to be a corker.

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