Shoreditch, in the London borough of Hackney, is famous for its bang-on-trend bars, vintage shops and fixed gear bicycles. Also, for having bells which sing “when I grow rich". It’s not so famous for its snowboard competitions, or its world-class rail setups.

But all that is about to change, because O’Neill are going to build this absolute beauty of a rail garden there in November. They’re launching a brand new event, the O’Neill Shoreditch Showdown, which will see 20 of the UK’s best skiers and snowboarders (plus, rumour has it, a few international special guests) invited to throw down on this epic setup.

Apparently it’ll take 50 tonnes of snow to build, but damn, will it be worth it. I mean look at it, there’s a full-on double decker bus as a drop in, a bus shelter, a post box and an iconic red telephone booth, all of which are properly rideable. Plus what look like a couple of stonking rails on that stairset right in the middle. How cool will that be?

If it looks anything like as good as the picture they’ll have to get security on that phone box to stop tourists climbing inside to snap selfies. While we don’t know much more about the event at the minute (the location is still a closely guarded secret) we have been told that the Showdown will go down on November 21st 2013, and that there’ll be a badass afterparty once it all wraps up.

Keep an eye on the event website for more details as they emerge.

We also have 10 pairs of tickets to the event to give away. You can win a pair by answering this ridiculously easy question.

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