Good lord! The course/castle for the 2015 Nine Queens is looking as outrageous as always, the behemoth feature that over looks the Austrian resort of Serfaus-Fiss is looking set to progress women's snowboarding once again.

Like last year's event, the competitors will get a week of free-sessions to get to know the jump and practice new tricks before the big air session on Friday takes off, meaning that hopefully we'll be seeing some new stuff landed. There's always been an argument that a lack of women's big air comps is one of the reasons why new tricks aren't pushed into slopestyle that often, but progressive event set ups like this are here to change that.

Kjersti Buass and freeskier Emma Dahlstrom throw their meet and a few GoPros around to make sure you can see as many of the nooks and crannies this year's castle has to offer - just check out that tunnel into the hip, insane!

Suzuki Nine Queens – Day 2