And just like that, one of the most progressive women's' events we've ever seen - Nine Queens 2015 - draws to a close. It's long been said that a lack of female big air contests, giving women a chance to try out 'all in' one hit rather than risking botching an entire run, is one of the reasons that progression has stalled in recent years, but by building a perfect jump and allowing the riders to session it for a week before the event led to some truly inspirational moments this weekend.

Not only did Jamie Anderson land a front 1080 and Klaudia Medlova got the first ever women's double back rodeo earlier in the week - Spencer O'Brien stuck multiple 900s in multiple directions and the whole field seemed to be inspired to up their game. According to Jenny Jones:

Sitting back and watching the girls get genuinely pumped off each others riding was amazing, one of the best atmospheres and most progressive sessions I have seen.

On the final day they held the big air contest, a straight up jam session over one hour on the jump that gave each of the riders about eight hits each. Kjersti Buass sent it for the win, sticking a front 720 stale and a sick back rodeo Japan, plus a front 1080, though that wasn't deemed clean enough to be counted amongst her top two hits.

Though she couldn't re-create her double rodeo from earlier, Klaudia Medlova managed second place whilst Elena Könz came in third with a back 900, a personal first for her.