Alternative comps have been cropping up all over the place this fortnight - with Danny Davis winning the Arctic Challenge and summer shred going on up at Morzine's Rhythm Sessions.

To continue the trend, Nike's Snake & Hammers comp is back next week in Montafon, Austria.

In case you didn't catch it last year, it's a banked slalom with slopestyle features dotted along the way. The idea is that the rider snakes his way down the course while dropping the best hammers. Better hammers = more time taken off the end result. The fastest rider wins! Pretty rad, no?

The aim is to get pro riders competing alongside local amateur champs in a whole new way. The winner gets a cool $8,000!

Jamie Nicholls is said to be heading over there (he won Best Hammer last year after stomping a solid backside 10 off a kicker) along with Kevin Backström, Spencer O´Brien and more.

It all kicks off on Friday 28th March for training, with qualis held on Saturday 29th and the finals on Sunday 30th.

You can check out the course plan below:


For more information, head to the Nike Snake & Hammers 2014 Facebook event. You can even find out how to enter yourself there!