It's back! The Nike Snakes & Hammers returned to Sillvreta Montafon in Austria last week for another banked slalom with a difference; the course was stuffed full of jumps, jibs and other awesome features.

Riders were judged not just on their time down the run but on how stylish and creative they got on and in between the modules.

There's no word on the winners yet, but with a stacked entry sheet including Clemens Schattschneider, Kevin Bäckström, Spencer O'Brien, Steve Gruber and Seppe Smits it'll be hard for the judges to make a definitive choice!

However, we have a feeling this event wasn't really about winners, just check out how fun the day looked; heaps of berms and gaps to be found, plus the raddest looking hip-to-bowl feature we've ever seen!

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