What more is there to say about Jenny Jones' bronze medal win? What we're all hoping now is that her example inspires more female riders to get into snowboarding. As Jenny proved, you can get your start on a dry slope, but up in Scotland there's real snow - and dedicated shredders to help you make the most of it.

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LASS is an offshoot of Snowsport Scotland that promotes freestyle snowboarding for girls. Their last session went amazingly well (despite typically Caledonian conditions), and they'll be heading back up to Cairngorm this weekend to take advantage of all the fresh that's fallen. Lauren McCallum talks us through what went down last time:

"Despite the weather being challenging, the LASS coaches where super stoked and proud of the girls who got stuck in and had a rad time! That's the beauty of Scottish snowboarding; it might not have been freestyle in the sense of lapping the park, but if you can learn to ollie over patches of blue ice and hold an edge, then you'll become a better rider for it and enjoy whatever is thrown at you!"

The next LASS shred days are at Cairngorm Mountain on the 15th and 16th of February. You can sign up for this weekend's session here, and more info & car share opportunities are available on the event page. Follow LASS on Twitter @lassshred and check out their Facebook page.

Poster artwork: Rachel Millar