Enviro Jam Hemel

As a group directly affected by the weather, there's little doubt that the snow sports community should be especially aware of the issues surrounding climate change - and to do their bit and make sure that we're all up to speed, JibWorx are hosting the very first Enviro Jam at the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead on the 12th of June.

Kicking off with a short freestyle film produced by freeskier Ross Welch, the evening promises a relaxed freestyle jam format with demo runs from GB snowboarder Jamie Nicholls and commentary from Aimee Fuller to boot. There's also set to be prizes, bands and DJ's - as well as freestyle coaching if you're for an introduction to dome jibbing.

Yes, the event is in a fridge, but JibWorx believe the message is more important.

For those that might see the choice of a snowdome location for a climate change event as controversial - JibWorx' message is clear: climate change is happening and we are not doing enough to combat it. Yes, the event is in a fridge, but they believe that by encouraging support for the Climate Coalition they can prompt positive changes that will effect the future in significant ways.

In addition to the Enviro Jam event, JibWorx are aiming to get the right message directly to politicians. They're putting pressure on upcoming talks in Paris at a mass event on the 17th of June 2015 (you can register to attend here) and going the extra mile by planting trees to offset their carbon emissions. They're also asking the Snow Centre to change to a renewable energy supplier too. On both fronts and the for event itself, we wish them all the best.

JibWorx was set up by avid freestylers James and Bobby, with the aim of highlighting talent and getting away from the formulaic 2 run format. Enviro Jam was inspired by their passion for the environment, and their first hand experiences of the decline of the glacier at Les Deux Alpes.

envirojam flyer