Forget pretzels and danishes, the best of all the snowboarding breadstuffs is the humble peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Simple and nourishing, many a life has (probably) been saved on a powder day by stashing one of these fine snacks away in jackets, backpacks and down the front of your pants (hey, at least it won't freeze there).

All of which is probably why Volcom named their signature rail jam series after the legendary sarnie - the Peanut Butter Rail Jam, or in this case, the world finals of. This year the powers that be decided against holding separate European and American finals and instead shipped out a worthy winner from each Euro stop to compete against the best from the States.

On second thoughts though, don't forget about danishes, bagels and salty German snacks just yet, there was more spinning on and off rails last weekend in Mammoth than you'd find in a Bosch spin cycle, especially when it came to the groms. Apparently the younger you are the more 540-off combos you can have tucked away under your belt.

In the adult categories the long trip over was made worth it for the Euro tourists, at least for Kevin Trammer of Belgium and Dina Treland from Norway who won the men and women's categories respectively, and another Nord, Eirik Nesse, who won the 'Rev'd Rider' award from some sort of cereal bar manufacturer.

If you ever get the chance to go to one of these events you should, whatever the weather people are always stoked, possibly due to the enourmous amount of junk food and beer that Volcom always put on for free - perhaps that's the secret for the perfect snowboard contest after all...