Go Big Or Go Home continues to set the standard for summer snowboard comps run on the plastic fantastic. The latest edition took over Bearsden dry slope last month - co-organiser (and dryslope royalty) Matt McCormick has the story:


Saturday the 24th June saw the return of Go Big or Go Home for the 7th consecutive year and the atmosphere was, as always, electric. The UK’s premiere dryslope facility provided a perfect venue for shredders from across Britain to battle it out for the overall title.

But the top spot wasn’t the only prize up for grabs; with three age divisions, a female category and spot prizes for everything from best style to best slam, there was plenty to play for on the day. In addition to the Big Air contest, there were also rail and quarterpipe jams for the competitors to show their creativity.

With previous snowboard winners Fin Bremner and Matt McCormick sitting the contest out due to injury, the snowboard field was blown wide open. In the end it came down to a head-to-head battle between Bearsden veteran Marc McClement and new kid on the block Ciaran Tucker, with Marc eventually clinching the title with a textbook backside 7 japan and a backside 3 double shifty that oozed style.


A special shout-out is more than deserved for young guns Lewis Moore, Liam Tynan, Max Jorge and Jonny Cresswell who tore the slope apart all day. The young girls weren’t shy to throw down either, with Emma Swanson and Abby Greig giving some of the older guys a run for their money.

At the end of the day, when the last prize had been awarded and the last rider had washed the algae off their kit, it was clear that the day had been a success and that, contrary to popular belief, dryslope isn’t dead!