Taking an early weather window on the very first day of competition, the first stop on the 2015 Freeride World Tour went off with a bang! You can find all the video highlights from the men & women's snowboarding here, just hit the left and right arrows on your keyboard to browse through them.

Sammy Luebke from the States had an early start and made the most of both the open faces and fresh landing zones, cruising easily to victory and putting himself and the top of the tour standings immediately. He had a similarly strong start last year but had to bow out mid-way due to injury, so we're expecting great things this time round.

He made the Chamonix contest face look like it was a run through a baby park, popping of every little feature he could find at the top before launching a massive drop straight into a perfect frontside 360 at the end of the rock garden before grabbing a few face shots down the open face. The top tier of freeriding never looked so smooth!

Our boy Sascha Hamm from the UK kicked off his tour in classic mentalist style, hucking off probably the largest cliff of the day and then straightlining into a roller, launching a good 30 or 40 feet. It's the same all or nothing approach that saw him get third at the Verbier Xtreme last year and locked down his bronze finish overall.

Still wearing the same perma-stoked expression as he crossed the line, hopefully this'll be another great year for the Brit.

Flo Orley, the Austrian big boy, got fully loose on his run, taking an almost suicidal line through the rockiest section Cham could offer, showing absolutely no fear as he held onto his line - at some points - for dear life. It's legs of steel that produces riding like that, though he probably had a few points deducted for missing the finish line and teddy bear rolling over the side netting. Still, strong stuff from the men's podium!

There is a reason why Shanna Yates is the woman to beat in 2015, taking the first run out of the women snowboarders' she looked unstoppable on the way down and in the end, no one was able to best her score of 75.

She showed great mountain awareness, picking a line that had plenty of hits to play around on as well as patches of great snow to put down some full on carves. Great show, and probably the one to watch from the women's part of the tour.

Veteran rider Anne-Flore Marxer is back on the tour, taking advantage of her wildcard entry to get on that first ever stop in Alaska. Her line wasn't the strongest we've ever seen, but she's obviously one of the more confident female freeriders out there as her line took her down some decent-sized drops and a few open sections of powder, even getting a cheeky frontside slash in on the bottom section of the contest area. Expect big things from the French/Swiss rider through 2015, Shannan Yates' biggest threat.

When you're the last rider to drop it's hard to really open the throttle, which is maybe why Elodie Mouthon looked a little cautious, but her experience and boardercross-strength legs really came into play off the drops, landing her a third place finish to kick off the 2015 season.


Snowboard Men

  1. Sammy Luebke - 2500
  2. Sascha Hamm - 2200
  3. Flo Orley - 1980
  4. Aurelien Routens - 1800
  5. Jamie Rizzuto - 1625
  6. Christopher Galvin - 1455
  7. Ralph Backstrom - 1290
  8. Camille Armand - 1130
  9. Brian Bozack - 975
  10. Jonathon Charlet - 840
  11. Colin Boyd - 720
  12. Alexander Hoffman - 620

Snowboard Women

  1. Shannan Yates - 2500
  2. Anne-Flore Marxer - 2200
  3. Elodie Mouthon - 1980
  4. Estelle Balet - 1800
  5. Mary Boddington - 1625
  6. Anouck Mouthon - 1455