Spin-to-win or style? It's a question that's been pretty emphatically answered by most snowboarders over the years, but it seems like FIS have only just started to ask this despite having competitive snowboarding almost completely sewn up these days. Y'know, build an empire first, ask questions later.

And the answer? Spinning! Kinda. They like style, but the judges don't want to judge whose style is the best. So technicality it is then. Except not properly, because that would be like aerial skiing, and that's lame. So they'll judge execution, which is kind of like technicality, but looking at how they do it as well. Like their style! Wait... So kind of both? But neither, that makes sense...

Obviously we're sure the judges have a much better as to what's going on than the editing in the above video shows, and even that's a damn sight better than the last FIS video we posted.