chas guldemond wildcat 1st plac

This weekend was all about the 2014 Dew Tour over in Breckridge, Colorado. And if (like us) you spent much of the weekend recovering from an over-indulgent Christmas party - you might well have missed a whole heap of the action!

But fear not - it's still here. We've collected the winning runs from the Men's and Women's Slopestyle and Superpipe competitions - as well as a few highlight reels, and there are stand out moments across the board.

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Starting off with the men's slopestyle - where former Slopestyle World Champion Chucky G took a return to the top spot, unleashing a switch double wildcat, and adding a 1260 for good measure. He was joined by newcomer to the podium and Rockstar teammate Tyler Nicholson in third place, and consistent killer Seb Toots in second. After a Last Chance Qualifying run that would have placed him on the podium -Canadian favourite Mark McMorris could only muster enough for the fifth spot in the final.

You can watch the three winning runs below, but it's also worth taking a detour to view Sven Thorgren's cab 1260 roast beef and double rodeo late method!

For the Brits - Jamie Nicholls had a shot at the LCQ run but with only one chance to claim one of two spots, it was too tall a task.

3rd Place - Tyler Nicholson

2nd Place - Seb Toots

1st Place - Chas Guldemond

Here's how the rest of the table finished up:

finals results dew tour 2014

In the women's slopestyle it was a Jamie Anderson once more who nailed the lead, and had a secure foot in the door with 96.25 from her clean cut first run.

And that's where the game was decided in the end. Christy Prior accelerated from her Last Chance Qualification spot to take third, and Finn Enni Rukajarvi packed in a big air game to echo Sochi's top two slopestyle spots.

For the Brits - Aimee Fuller made it through the Semi-Finals in 11th and improved her ranking with a score of 60.5 in the Last Chance round, but unfortunately wasn't quite up there with the 6 ladies who went through to the final.

3rd Place - Christy Prior

2nd Place - Enni Rukajarvi

1st Place - Jamie Anderson

wmns slope final results

With Last Chance Qualifier spots featuring heavily in the line up - both Danny Davis and Taylor Gold snuck their way into the superpipe finals at last minute. But with an opening run that held it's own throughout the whole contest - it was Taylor that was to be the overall victor!

Sitting at the somewhat precarious score of 90.50 - he had to wait it out for the entire group to pass twice through to see that his first effort was going to be enough.

In second, Yiwei Zhang boosted through the pipe following a massive backside air opener, and Scotty James wrapped up the podium - with a tasty alley-oop back rodeo one of our favourite moments.

Danny himself didn't podium in this contest - but did get the 'Something to Smile About' moment with this stylee back three to switch back three combo.

3rd Place - Scotty James

2nd Place - Yiwei Zhang

1st Place - Taylor Gold

Men's Superpipe Highlights

mens superpipe finals

Of the six ladies that tackled the Superpipe in the finals - Kelly Clark was always going to be a strong contender; and despite the efforts of young challengers like Chloe Kim - she came out of the competition just ever so slightly on top. In fact, only a gap of half a point stood between the two riders.

In third place - and with the second piece of silverware for the family, was Arielle Gold. Securing the podium with a clear bit of headroom separating her from fourth place Xuetong Cai. But in the end it was undoubtedly a battle between the seasoned experience of Kelly, who in her own words put down a "stock run", and up-and-coming Chloe who at 14 is already hot on her heels!

3rd Place - Arielle Gold

2nd Place - Chloe Kim

1st Place - Kelly Clark

Women's Superpipe Highlights

wmns pipe results