This is a slopestyle run that very well might go down in history - not only did Yuki Kadono put down the first ever switch backside triple 1620 a few weeks ago in the LA Air & Style, but on Friday he went for broke on his very last run and landed back-to-back triple cork 1620s, earning him the top spot at this year's open and a spot on the rest of the competitor's shoulders to carry him out of the arena.

No matter what you might think about gymnastics or spinning-to-win, that is some mind-bending stuff and will most likely set the bar in terms of the next step in competition progression. Even Mark McMorris' incredible comeback jump line - cab double 1080 off the quarter, frontside triple 1440 and backside triple 1440 - couldn't compete.

With her main rival for the season Christy Prior out of the proceedings a fter picking up an injury in Park City last weekend, there was no one that could seriously challenge Jamie Anderson in Vail, even if she did miss the grabs on a couple of her jumps.

Her rail section was on point, spinning in and out both regular and switch, and when it comes to the jumps there's till few riders that can put down a serious challenge to her switch back 540, still one of the best in the game.

Spencer O'Brien landed her backside 900 again, though it was only enough to squeak her into third place as Anna Gasser's slightly more tech rails section and cleaner jumps put her into second.

In the men's side of things this weekend it was the Japanese riders that blew the lid off of the US Open. Yuki's long awaited victory came in style in the slopestyle and then on Saturday Taku Hiraoka finally came good with this stonker of a finals run to claim gold, his first in a major contest.

There was nothing groundbreaking in his run, but few people these days can match the little guy in terms of style and amplitude. From his first hit frontside 540, his run these days looks the business top to bottom. Backside 900, fronts double 1080, cab double 1080 and a frontside 1260 tail grab: boom. Job done.

WL's Frenchman of the moment Arthur Longo came through in second his his trademark clean, solid style, his switch double alley-oop rodeo making another appearance to seal the deal. Meanwhile, wunder-kid Ayumu is still struggling to reign suprememe in a major event these days, though you can't fault his third place finish - style is everything.

She looked the business as she dropped in and no wonder - Kelly Clark's record is looking as straight as ever these days as she claims victory after victory and this weekend added another top place finish to her extensive collection. As long as she continues to be the only woman with that front 1080 - though her grab still looks like a cat swatting flies - she'll continue to dominate.