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This weekend's Burton US Open Halfpipe contest was one of the best we've ever seen, despite the absence of several of the top guys (namely Shaun White, Ayumu Hirano and Iouri Podladtchikov) from the field.

The pipe was "perfect" according to Kelly Clark, the sun was out and a large crowd gathered to watch the finalists throw down, while the likes of Terje Haakonsen and Scotty Lago played "poacher", grabbing cheeky runs in between the rounds.

Here are all the video highlights, including the winning runs. You can read our full rundown on what happened here.

[part title="The Best Methods"]

An awesome compilation of the sickest methods of the competition, including the poachers' best efforts.

[part title="Taylor Gold's Winning Run"]

Taylor Gold's first run was the highest scoring of the day. It's worth watching the slow mo of this just so you can see the two unusual grabs he throws with his final two tricks - a roast beef and a chicken salad, how often do you see that?

[part title="Taku Hiraoka's Monster Second Run"]

Japanese rider Taku Hiraoka's first run was impressive but his best was his second. Look how big he goes out of the pipe! He narrowly missed bumping Taylor Gold off the top spot with this one.

[part title="David Habluetzel's Surprise Third Place"]

If you'd fancied a flutter before the US Open started you'd have got long odds on 17-year-old Swiss rider David Habluetzel finishing on the podium. But with this run he cemented his status as one of the most exciting new talents in halfpipe riding.

[part title="Kelly Clark's Total Domination"]

She might not have won in Sochi, but in general there is no-one who can touch veteran Kelly Clark when it comes to women's halfpipe riding. She was already in first place when she threw this monster run. This just sealed the deal.

[part title="Queralt Castellet's Technical Perfection"]

It may not be the biggest, the most groundbreaking or the most steezy in terms of grabs, but Queralt Castellet's best run was technically pretty much perfect. Every trick was landed smoothly and her transition riding was impeccable. You can see why the judges put her in the silver medal position for this.

[part title="13-Year-Old Chloe Kim Blowing the Doors Off"]

After the X Games and the Dew Tour, it comes as no surprise to see Chloe Kim battling for podium places despite being just 13. But what does still catch us off guard every time we watch her ride is just how stylish she is! She goes massive for starters and refuses to throw conventional grabs, opening things up with a switch method and a cab 7 truckdriver - how sick is that?