After a pretty disastrous weather situation in the lead up to the BEO, the sun finally rose and the competition in Laax took off on Saturday with competitors stomping mad tricks throughout the course of the day.

The crown was finally taken by, 21-year-old Norwegian lad, B-Rage. He scored an insane 95 points on his second run after producing a a massive switch backside 1260, followed by a double backflip indy and finally a front 12 combo on the kickers.

As for the women, it was Isabel Derungs who dominated her home country at the weekend after throwing a line of technical tricks, and claimed the throne. She was followed closely by 15-year-old Miyabi Onitsuka of Japan who scored an impressive 90.

Check out this round up of the day and keep an eye out for the halfpipe wrap up dropping soon.