With the weather coming in on day three - the Brits 2015 Slopestyle was a bit of a battle, but one equally well fought by riders and organisers alike.

Instead of the full course (two X-Games rail sections and three kickers) - we saw a stripped back event with both rail sections included but just the first kicker being judged. Fresh snow and fairly low visibility made things tricky on the speed front, but negligible wind (as opposed to the alternate date of Friday) made it worth while giving things a good shot.

Rolling with the punches was the order of the day - and by a unanimous rider vote the comp ended up being called on the results of the first two qualifying runs. Nevertheless there was plenty of enthusiasm packed into those - and we got a good spectacle up on the hill.


Henry Shackleton took the overall title in the Men's comp with young Matt McCormick following closely behind, and Jamie Trinderadding to his Bangers and Cash silver with a bronze.

For the ladies - it was a second overall gold for Ella Fry-Taylor - and Under 16 Cerys Allen made another big move by taking silver; with Coco Merz completing the trio. Full podiums and more shots from the Under 12, Under 16, Under 18, Masters and Open can be found below.


Under 12 Women

1st - Molly Nora Phillips

2nd - Nicole Haines

3rd - Mia Brookes

Under 16 Women

1st - Cerys Allen

2nd - Maisie Hill

3rd - Amber Cordingley

Women's Masters

1st - Rachel Beszant

2nd - Chrissie Murray

3rd - Alison Unwin

Women's Open

1st - Ella Fry-Taylor

2nd - Cerys Allen

3rd - Coco Merz

Under 12 Men

1st - Scott Walsh

2nd - Gabriel Adams

3rd - Cam Smith

Under 16 Men

1st - Harry Waite

2nd - Nathan Gray

3rd - George Waite

Under 18 Men

1st - Matt McCormick

2nd - Jacob (JJ) Robertson

3rd - Matt Corry

Men's Master

1st - Andrew Callaghan

2nd - Ian Sanderson

3rd - Ben King

Men's Open

1st - Henry Shackleton

2nd - Matt McCormick

3rd - Jamie Trinder