Brits day two in Tignes - and under slightly less sunny skies than yesterday we found ourselves getting ready for the Boardercross champs.

With a massive collection of titles up for grabs, and increasingly speedy conditions as the cloud cover came in, the day developed nicely in the build up to the finals.

Hurling themselves down the course four by four - the Under 12s, Under 16s, Under 18s, and Masters each had a podium to claim, as well as an Open to crown the overall champs in Men's and Women's groups.

Entry numbers were through the roof this year, and there's no doubt that the resurgence in popularity of banked slalom, and a strong core of dedicated riders, contributed to there being plenty of talent on show throughout the field. But it was equally encouraging to see and feel the atmosphere as riders got ready to drop - with plenty of lively interaction between the different groups.

Max Thilding headed up things in the men's Open to take the fastest time of the day - with Stephanie Gehrig topping the women's table. Full podium spots and further images can be seen below.

Under 12 Women

1st - Mia Brookes

2nd - Erin Dormer

3rd - Nicole Haines

Under 16 Women

1st - Maisie Hill

2nd - Cerys Allen

3rd - Amber Cordingley

Under 18 Women

1st - Dani Rowley

Master Women

1st - Sarah Craig

2nd - Rachel Beszant

3rd - Chrissie Murray

Open Women

1st - Stephanie Gehrig

2nd - Anna Richardson

3rd - Coco Merz

Under 12 Men

1st - Gabriel Adams

2nd - Alfred Sutton

3rd - Koby Cook

Under 16 Men

1st - Jake Daniel Simpson

2nd - Kealan Venning

3rd - Bradley Rowell

Under 18 Men

1st - Bradley Gaulter

2nd - Jacob (JJ) Robertson

Masters Men

1st - Ian Sanderson

2nd - Rhys Jones

3rd - Rab Bickerdike

Open Men

1st - Max Thidling

2nd - Kyle Wise

3rd - Si Nicholson