Ed Leigh, Tim Warwood and Aimee Fuller are all getting some stick from disgruntled BBC viewers claiming that their 'childish' commentary put them off the BBC's Olympic slopestyle commentary, but why?

There have apparently been over 300 complaints filed so far, including such comments as "snowboarding commentators are nothing more than hysterical idiots," and "the commentators on @BBCSport Winter Olympics are embarrassing."

Boo hoo. We at Whitelines would like to go on record to say that the commentary from these guys was part of what made the Olympic slopestyle so special for us; not only did the world get to see one of the best displays of snowboarding ever to go down but they got to experience it with the appropriate soundtrack.

Riding switch is like writing left-handed while wearing a chip hat and being attacked by seagulls

Loose, chaotic and shrill it was at times, but simultaneously it was hilarious and totally appropriate for the event. There were some classic - and by now well repeated - quotes from the guys, including gems like, "She's got a face that could help bread rise", "Riding switch is like writing left-handed while wearing a chip hat and being attacked by seagulls," and "I can feel my pulse in my lower intestine," followed by "That's not your pulse Leigh."

If people thought it was biased, it was, but only because the commentary team are long time friends and supporters of Jenny Jones & Co and were overwhelmed by her achievement on the biggest stage for snowboarding yet.

Sochi 2014: Tim Warwood, Aimee Fuller and Ed Leigh

Thankfully the other 3 billion people watching the show were a bit less grumpy and seemed to love it; surely it was a small minority that felt the need to whinge, the same kind of person that shouts at skateboarders and steals footballs from children.

Anyway, we hope that the moaners will one day get the chance to strap on a snowboard and see how fun it is; the slopestyle commentary was spot on and a great introduction of 'real' snowboarding to the world. Bring on the halfpipe!