We got wind of this at WL HQ and thought we should spread the word. There's absolutely nothing wrong with getting some sort of deal for snowboarding in our back yards! So with this in mind, SNO!zone have decided to hook you up. It allows you to have a little road trip as well as saving a bit o' cash while you shred the UK with your mates.

For £75 you can ride here:

Jan 30th - CAS Feb 6th - Scot Mar 6th - MK

Check out the biggest baddest UK freestyle parks at the first 3 SNO!storm events of the year - for only £75 - Save £30!!!

The Triple Whammy is valid for 5 hours riding from 7pm - midnight at the SNO!storm events on Friday January 30th at Castleford, Friday February 6th at Scotland, Friday March 6th at Milton Keynes.