Vive la France, the land of crusty bread, haughty stares and utter bedlam on the slopes. No where else on earth is better for a no holds barred assault on the piste - long live speed runs, high velocity slashes and a go anywhere, do anything policy to ski resort management.

Luckily, it still is, though according to 24 Heures - a news outlet local to the Portes du Soleil - across the border the Swiss seniors are being amassed to counter the invading forces from the French side of the PDS.


New slope supervisors will be in place above Champéry-Morgins to "create a brigade of prevention" (some bad translating there), dealing with an apparent wave of rouge-fuelled speed freaks by use of enforced slow zones and speed limits.

We'd be interested to see what you think about this: a good method of ensuring on slope security for less confident users, or the slow creep of American-style slow patrols and... health and safety - the death knell for action sports.