Well, looks like it's official: Shaun White took to his Facebook page yesterday to announce that from now on, he'll be focusing on his music.

There's not been much detail forthcoming, with only a statement on an image (see below), so there's no word on whether or not this is a temporary or permanent move. Hell, we doubt even he knows for sure. It's clear, however, that he won't be juggling his music with responsibilities in the skate and snow worlds; as he puts it, it's a "career change":

His band, Bad Things, has evidently been more than just a hobby of his for some time now. They've headlined Lollapalooza, played Jimmy Fallon's chat show, and - it would appear, at least - given him a healthy distraction from the immense pressure he felt during the build-up to the last Olympics.

He'll still be around - he does, after all, own the Air & Style now - but it looks like it'll be some time before we see him on a board again. While that's a shame for his legion of fans, it's been noted in several corners that his passion for music far outstrips his love for the shred, so it makes sense to pursue what he's really stoked on. We're wishing Shaun all the best - but we're also hoping to see him riding again soon.