The Snowboard Club UK hit us up recently to let us know about their Spring Bash, which will be taking place a week Saturday (20th April) at the Hemel Snow Centre. The annual event is all about ordinary shredders getting together and having a good time, a shralp and maybe a beer or two.

As Dunx from SCUK said: "Whilst Andy Nudds, Jamie Nicholls and Billy Morgan have all turned up in the past, they certainly didn’t win any prizes."

The relaxed atmosphere and all-day freestyle coaching (starting from 9am) is designed to suit riders who "can already ride, but have 'the fear' of those rails, boxes and jumps". Last year's event attracted more than 250 people, making it the biggest freestyle gathering in Hemel Hempstead's calendar. Not bad eh?

So if you feel like having a fun shred and perhaps learning a few new tricks, head to Hemel on the 20th and check it out.