ROME has opened it´s own full-size snow park at Schmittenhöhe/ Zell am See (Austria) -The ROME SCHMITTENPARK.

Rider: Jonaven Morre  /  Photographer: Jeff Patterson  /  Location: Revelstoke, Canada

Together with our shop partner "LA RESISTANCE" and the resort "SCHMITTENHÖHE/ Zell am See" ROME realized a park built from riders for riders! -- shaped by LARS ERIKSEN (Artic Challenge, BEO, Hemsedal) and supported by NORDICRAILS, the new park offers everything to have fun - from beginner to pro. A team of four shapers under the lead of "La Resistance" will care for a quality shape and good riding conditions.

The total length of the park terrain is 650 m


- Jib Tonne - Stairsetup: - Kink Box 8m - Handrail 6m - Down Box - Rainbow 5m - Down Flat Down Rail 12 Meter - A Frame 8 m - C Box - Butterbox 6m - Camping Tables


- Kicker Table 5 m - 2x Funbox 6m Table - 2x Funbox 4m Table - Corner 20m - Kicker 10m Table - Kicker 14m Table

With the variety of lines you can ride, the park is unique in the Alps and it´s easy to access with a lift that´s open from 8:30-16:30. The Kettingalm which is located at the bottom of the park offers not only a restaurant, but as well accomondation on the mountain! check:

The first opening TTR** slopestyle contest will take place Feb 14th 2009! Don´t miss it.